What differentiates you from the crowd?

The crowd is driven by the external elements eg. fashion, popular beliefs and convenience. The wise are driven by character and virtues, no matter how difficult their path is.  The crowd is always propelled by narrow self interest and greed.  The wise people are driven by purpose, passion and conscience. The crowd is short-sighted (only see the present), the wise men have a vision they see present in the context of future outcomes). No doubt the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. But, we must try to visualise the future of our choice before acting.  The thought process of the crowd and the wise differ. It is rightly said- What we think, we become. (Budhha). Crowd is insecure, fearful and suspicious. The wise people are confident, they think positively, optimistically, creatively and fearlessly. The crowd has a closed mind, the wise have an open mind. The crowd behaves with impulse without control, the wise follow their impulses with control. The crowd takes things on the face value and gives judgment; the wise examine the facts and events before making a judgment. The crowd quits in the slightest of difficulties, the brave and wise endure the difficulties. Crowd is confused; wise people have clarity of purpose. The crowd can be driven like cattle, the wise can be driven only by meaning and purpose of an act. The crowd wants both- to eat the cake and have it too. The wise make a choice between alternatives, compare the opportunity cost of alternatives available, and make up their mind to sacrifice all opportunities but the best and they exercise the best; thus, wise are ready to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. The crowd takes life as a choice-less journey, the wise wake up every morning to choose joy and happiness over negativity and pain.